Top 10 + 1 Reader Service Questions

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Your questions are often repeated at the registration- and circulation desks of our libraries. Below are the most frequently asked ones and the responses. We will be happy to answer your further questions in person. We look for you in our libraries!

1. Is my library card received in the Centre for Learning valid for the faculty libraries?

You can also register in faculty libraries with the library card you received in the Centre for Learning. If you only visit the faculty library and not the Centre for Learning, you can enter and borrow at your faculty library with your student ID or the library card you received there.

2. Is my faculty library card valid
in the Centre for Learning?

Unfortunately, your faculty library card is not valid in the Centre for Learning because the entry systems are different. However, you can use your student card issued before October 2016 in both places. Unfortunately, for later issued cards, you cannot enter the Centre for Learning for security reasons.

3. Can I bring my own machine to the libraries?

We share the important saying: BYOD (Bring Your Own Device!) Of course, you can work on your device in the library; you don’t have to miss the usual settings. Without prior notice or request for permission you can bring your tablet, laptop or phone;
if you need it, you can connect to the library Wi-Fi as well.

4. Is there any Wi-Fi in the libraries?

Naturally. University citizens (students, lecturers, employees) can join the Eduroam network throughout the University with the University Central Identifier (EHA-code, Neptune-code) and the associated password. With this solution, you can connect to the Wi-Fi with your Pécs identifier in the university buildings that have joined the Eduroam project abroad. In this case, choose this form: or

In the Centre for Learning, you can connect to the TK-LIB network where the user name is the number of your library card and the password is the password for the library card (default is the four digits of  your birthday’s month and day, e.g. March 15, 0315). You can also find this information on leaflets, but you can also contact the librarians personally.

5. Can I eat and drink in the libraries?

Of course, you can bring water to our libraries with you, because you need to replace the liquid. However, there is no possibility of eating in the library premises, because we want to preserve the integrity of the books and the cleanliness of the library spaces. If you think about it, it doesn’t hurt you to stand up a bit during a long book: move your members a little bit, walk one, talk to your friends and groupmates while you grab some bites outside the reading room and the rental area – then we expect you back after the refreshment!

6. What is the easiest way to extend?

The extension may include two things:

-The membership of the library should be personally renewed annually to keep your data up to date. This is very good, for example, when you receive your favourite, reserved book and want to be notified by email.

-The due date of your documents can be extended twice, personally, by phone or online, unless the specific document has been reserved in the meantime. You can personally extend the due dates at the circulation desks or call each unit on the phone. You can find the availability of all the units and the link to the online extension here.

7. Can I use databases remotely?

University citizens, enrolled in the Library (students with legal relationship, lecturers and employees) can use the Library’s subscribed databases, e-journals, and e-books remotely using a proxy service. You can find detailed information and guidance on this link.

8. Where can I find e-books?

The Library strives to provide access to the necessary content with the latest technology so e-book packages are also being subscribed. You can find the Hungarian and foreign e-books available here by publisher.
Of course, you can ask for help from our staff personally in our libraries.

9. If I had read a book for a long time, but I would never find on the shelf, where can I request a reservation?

You can ask for a reservation from the librarian at the circulation desk. When a document is reserved, it is not possible to extend the due date (that is, the reservation benefits). As soon as the book is brought back, we will notify you by e-mail and you will be able to borrow it. We will put it aside for 10 days, until then, no one else can borrow.

10. Where can I find information about journals?

Each library unit has printed journals on the free shelves for the library’s profile and you can physically “meet” them there.

If you are looking for a specific journal, you may want to look in the catalog at the following link.

If you are vigilant, you may have discovered the journals’ inventory on our website, which you can search for in several ways: e.g. in which library is a given journal, which numbers are there, or in which library are the journals available? So, if its name seems too librarian at first glance, you should use the journals’ inventory, you can find practical info there.

+1 Can I get a concert ticket in the library?

Unfortunately, it is only available at well-known ticket offices and online interfaces as well as in the neighbouring Kodály Centre… 😉

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