Discover the library!

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Welcome! The fall is here again and the academic year has begun! With this post, we would like to welcome the university students and future library readers and provide them a brief guide regarding our library services.

We encourage our readers not to postpone the exploration of the library. The sooner you get to know our buildings and services and the sooner you discover the shelves, the easier it will be to complete the semesters one after the other.

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If you are studying in Pécs, you have to see this special library!

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If you are a foreign university student studying in Pécs, you probably got into the city by March; you know the main attractions, popular clubs and pubs, the main transport routes and the best shops. However, you certainly do not know the first public library in Hungary, hiding in the little street behind the Mosque on the main square, with its unique collection and impressive interior spaces, where you can sniff into the air of old times. Now we’ll show you this wonderful place to take its reputation in the world.

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