Discover the history of the university and the hidden treasures of the city

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Pécs is an incredibly vibrant city with a significant cultural heritage. From shaping its history from the Celts through the Romans to the Ottomans, and all the way to the Second World War, many have contributed to its formation. Through the lens of history, we can understand the evolution of our beloved city. The University Library and Knowledge Center of the University of Pécs offers insight into the period between the two world wars.

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Japanese culture

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Japan, where tradition meets modernity in perfect balance, is a captivating destination that combines ancient customs with advanced technology.

The country is especially renowned for its technological achievements and is at the forefront of innovation, from manufacturing to humanoid robots that help care for the elderly. A shining example of this progress is the Shinkansen, or bullet train, which has been speeding across the country since 1964.
Even though Japan is a highly developed country, it has managed to preserve its ancient and precious customs. In this blog post, we discover what makes Japan a true cultural wonder.

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A journey through Japanese history

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Since 1947, every year on November 3rd, the International Day of Japanese Culture is celebrated. This is because on November 3, 1852, Emperor Meiji was born, and he is credited with the reform of the Japanese monarchy.

In addition to the exhibition related to Japanese culture at the Knowledge Center, through blog posts, we would like to provide readers with more interesting information about Japan. Perhaps the most obvious way to start is with a brief overview of the country’s history, thus gaining a better understanding of today’s modern culture.

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E-book readers in our library

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In today’s world, digital books, commonly known as e-books, have transcended their novelty status and gained considerable popularity among readers due to their emphasis on convenience and environmental awareness.

E-books provide broad access to content, which can be viewed on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and computers. These devices are customizable, offering choices in size, portability, and functionality to suit different reading preferences.

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Fall around the world, celebrations of the full moon

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The chilly winds of the autumn carrying the sweet scent of grapes whit them, all around the world thousands of agricultural workers prepare for the harvest. When we think of the fall we always think about time passing, falling leaves, and the shortness of the days. However, if we look beneath the surface, we may find interesting connections, and hearth warming traditions.

In this little post, i like to describe the different customs of different countries, regarding the celebrations of fall. I hope that the international students of our universtity recive the descripcion of this little part of their culture with open hearts.

Essencialy, if we look around the world, we can see that every culture has a different and unique relationship whit autumn. For some it’s the time of the harvest, and others celebrate the equinox. But the autumn celebration can be traced back for this two reasons. The celebration of the harvest of the autumn grain crops, and the equinox. So it’s not a surprise to see, that most of those celebrations are held in regions with four seasons. (Exept the jewish holidays.)

So now i like to show you around the customs of four different nations and their traditions. The anglo-saxon holiday of Thanksgiving and Halloween, beside that i will write about the jewish traditions, then the Chinese and Korean ones.

So at first let’s look around in the anglo-saxon world. At the beginning of this blog post i like to describe the American and Celtic traditions, regarding autumn.

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Link to Knowledge – Support researchers in their endeavors against infectious disease spreading mosquitoes!

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In the April issue of our blog series on Citizen Science, we present one of our partner projects, Mosquito Alert, which is a non-profit Citizen Science project based on an international collaboration coordinated by various state research centres, including the University of Pécs. We spoke with Kornélia Kurucz PhD, who represents UPécs and participates in the project.

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Ladies First

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“A woman is like a teabag – only in hot water do you realize how strong she is.”

“There are many little ways to enlarge your child’s world. Love of books is the best of all.”

“I like to be a free spirit. Some don’t like that, but that’s the way I am.”

“People who are truly strong lift others up. People who are truly powerful bring others together.”

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Link to Knowledge – “The library is a bridge between research groups and volunteers, and the librarians are standing on its bridgehead” – Interview with Gaálné Kalydy Dóra

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“Citizen Science plays an important role in the democratization of science as the ivory tower of scientific research is brought closer to the public through open science and freely available information.” The quote comes from Gaálné Kalydy Dóra, who is the Deputy Director General of the Library and Information Centre of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and a member of LIBER Citizen Science Working Group. In addition to the management of the library’s daily work, she is also responsible for the renewal of traditional library services. Here you can read an interview with her about Citizen Science, a trend that is increasingly attracting European – including Hungarian – researchers and universities as well.

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Benefits of Citizen Science in our Community

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One of our library working groups has been working for some time on the mapping of Citizen Science projects in Hungary and Europe, with particular interest on Pécs of course.

In connection with this, we are starting a series of blogs entitled “Link to knowledge”, serving as a framework of our work, while trying to present as many projects as possible through interviews, as well as offer a place to learn about the concept and possibilities of Citizen Science.

In our first article, we present the idea of Citizen Science and the current activities of our working group.

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Discover the library!

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Welcome! The fall is here again and the academic year has begun! With this post, we would like to welcome the university students and future library readers and provide them a brief guide regarding our library services.

We encourage our readers not to postpone the exploration of the library. The sooner you get to know our buildings and services and the sooner you discover the shelves, the easier it will be to complete the semesters one after the other.

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Mission Impression

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A book selection about impressionism has been collected for our visitors on the 2nd floor of the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre.

Peculiar paintings presenting picturesque nature. Impressionism brought about a pioneering method to depict the seen by grabbing the essence of light, shades, colors and shapes. A farewell to copying the view and a welcome of spontaneous sensation on the canvas.


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