Happy Scandinavia!

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Happiness. Something we are all after, still, there are nations who seem to be better at achieving it. Finland, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands score quite high at the UN World Happiness Report year after year. What could possibly be the secret of the Scandinavians?


The peculiar expressions sisu, hygge, lagom and niksen and the concepts behind them may be the answer. People in the North have their own way of living influenced by certain traditional spirits listed above:  the resolute willpower that describes Finnish people, the not too much, not too little, “just enough” attitude in the Swedish society, or the Dutch, creativity promoting way of doing nothing and the content, calm perspective in Denmark.

The book collection on the second floor of the Learning Centre revolves around the topic of happiness and its manifestation in some Scandinavian countries. The selection tries to provide readers with an overall picture of the Nordish flair with books about gastronomy, education, history, art and some geography of the region. Even if only from home, we invite you to explore far-off places setting an example of a joyful life. The book will be on display until the end of September.


With these easy-to-follow tips, you can already start to experiment with the Scandinavian way of life.





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