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In today’s world, digital books, commonly known as e-books, have transcended their novelty status and gained considerable popularity among readers due to their emphasis on convenience and environmental awareness.

E-books provide broad access to content, which can be viewed on various devices such as smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and computers. These devices are customizable, offering choices in size, portability, and functionality to suit different reading preferences.

One outstanding feature of most electronic books is the ability to search for keywords and concepts within the text, making it easier to navigate and increasing the efficiency of the research and learning process.

To increase accessibility, we have constructed a cost-free online database for our readers that provides access to a collection of 1,400 publications. This will enable our library users to benefit not only from our current book collection, but also from a wide range of additional knowledge resources.

To ensure modern and convenient use, students, researchers and lecturers of the University of Pécs can loan e-book readers and tablets from the PTE University Library and Knowledge Center. The e-book reader is provided without content, so users can easily upload their preferred material via their Amazon account or USB cable. For additional information, please visit our website.

Borrowing these resources enables students to read and learn in digital spaces, utilizing benefits offered by new technologies and achieving research goals. Moreover, it reduces financial burdens by providing an alternative to purchasing each book and e-book, granting easy access to digital content. Additionally, electronic books and tablets provide a sustainable option to traditional printed books, reducing the environmental impact associated with the production of paper-based books.

According to “The Eco Guide” research, reading 20-25 books in digital format can cut an e-book user’s carbon footprint in half.


Even with modern technology, we may face minor obstacles that require some creativity to overcome. Certain e-book readers only allow specific file types to be opened, resulting in a need to convert the e-books into a compatible format. We recommend two website for file conversion:

  1. Free online file converter
  2. Calibre – E-book management

Thank you for reading our post, and we look forward to welcoming you to our library soon.


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