Discover the history of the university and the hidden treasures of the city

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Pécs is an incredibly vibrant city with a significant cultural heritage. From shaping its history from the Celts through the Romans to the Ottomans, and all the way to the Second World War, many have contributed to its formation. Through the lens of history, we can understand the evolution of our beloved city. The University Library and Knowledge Center of the University of Pécs offers insight into the period between the two world wars.

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Benefits of Citizen Science in our Community

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One of our library working groups has been working for some time on the mapping of Citizen Science projects in Hungary and Europe, with particular interest on Pécs of course.

In connection with this, we are starting a series of blogs entitled “Link to knowledge”, serving as a framework of our work, while trying to present as many projects as possible through interviews, as well as offer a place to learn about the concept and possibilities of Citizen Science.

In our first article, we present the idea of Citizen Science and the current activities of our working group.

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Discover the library!

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Welcome! The fall is here again and the academic year has begun! With this post, we would like to welcome the university students and future library readers and provide them a brief guide regarding our library services.

We encourage our readers not to postpone the exploration of the library. The sooner you get to know our buildings and services and the sooner you discover the shelves, the easier it will be to complete the semesters one after the other.

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