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Pécs is an incredibly vibrant city with a significant cultural heritage. From shaping its history from the Celts through the Romans to the Ottomans, and all the way to the Second World War, many have contributed to its formation. Through the lens of history, we can understand the evolution of our beloved city. The University Library and Knowledge Center of the University of Pécs offers insight into the period between the two world wars.

More than 100 years ago, the Elizabeth University of Sciences relocated from Bratislava to Pécs. In honor of this momentous occasion, the library has developed a city guide application that allows residents and students to explore both the city and the university campuses’ history. The Pécs campuses are spread throughout the city, so while learning about the university’s history, one can also explore the city. With spring here and summer approaching, it’s the perfect time for an adventurous urban walk, made even more exciting by this application.

Now, let’s travel back in time! In 2023, it had been a hundred years since the Elizabeth University of Sciences, founded in 1912 in Bratislava, relocated to Pécs following World War I and the Treaty of Trianon. 

Due to financial constraints following the Serbian occupation, the university’s accommodation was resolved by relinquishing and transforming various buildings across the city. All this had a fundamental impact on the university’s spatial structure in the later years.

The thematic tours of the local knowledge application invite enthusiasts to experience the 1923 relocation and the university’s history between the two world wars in real space. At each stop, visitors can learn about the buildings’ history, the life paths of professors, and the formation of university memory. In addition to the tours, all attractions are available in a separate menu for those who prefer browsing from home rather than walking.

With the application, users can go through a total of four walks, each lasting about an hour and a half. This allows for a pleasant leisure activity while expanding knowledge and offering the opportunity for sightseeing with the help of the application.

Those longing for a walk, the University in the city, the topography of the Elizabeth University of Science in Pécs between the two World Wars can be accessed through tours on the website here.


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