Mission Impression

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A book selection about impressionism has been collected for our visitors on the 2nd floor of the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre.

Peculiar paintings presenting picturesque nature. Impressionism brought about a pioneering method to depict the seen by grabbing the essence of light, shades, colors and shapes. A farewell to copying the view and a welcome of spontaneous sensation on the canvas.


“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration.”

There could not have been a better way to express the admiration for the beauty of the world around us than citing Monet. The question is quite up-to date.

Mankind has recently explored the hidden power of the time spent in the greenery; the perfect remedy against lock-down. But have you ever wondered whether the colors of the Zengő in your mind are alike with the shades others see? The visual stimulus is identical, however, is the end-effect influenced by perception? What role does vision and the psyche play in the process?

(The selected books cover the general view of impressionism in art, moreover, involves its relation to psychology and the secrets of optics too.) [1]

Have a look at the wild waves in Turner’s sea or the lovely lilies of Monet and you will definitely feel the fierce wind blowing as well as the scent of the flowers. Besides the dancers by Degas and the fluttering pointillism of Pissarro, albums of Pál Szinyei-Merse and József Rippl-Rónai, the two famous Hungarian impressionist artists are also on display.[2] (Should you have found the works inspirational enough, loan a book that leads you into the practical field of painting.)

The special collection on the 2nd floor of the University of Pécs Library and Knowledge Centre includes about 50 documents which can be loaned by any of our registered readers. The books will take their usual place on the shelves again in March.

[1] Only Hungarian books and albums cover these topics.

[2] The mentioned albums are also written in Hungarian, but the photos speak for themselves, so they can be enjoyed by anyone.


Photo: Szemes-Révész Enikő Evelin

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