Fall around the world, celebrations of the full moon

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The chilly winds of the autumn carrying the sweet scent of grapes whit them, all around the world thousands of agricultural workers prepare for the harvest. When we think of the fall we always think about time passing, falling leaves, and the shortness of the days. However, if we look beneath the surface, we may find interesting connections, and hearth warming traditions.

In this little post, i like to describe the different customs of different countries, regarding the celebrations of fall. I hope that the international students of our universtity recive the descripcion of this little part of their culture with open hearts.

Essencialy, if we look around the world, we can see that every culture has a different and unique relationship whit autumn. For some it’s the time of the harvest, and others celebrate the equinox. But the autumn celebration can be traced back for this two reasons. The celebration of the harvest of the autumn grain crops, and the equinox. So it’s not a surprise to see, that most of those celebrations are held in regions with four seasons. (Exept the jewish holidays.)

So now i like to show you around the customs of four different nations and their traditions. The anglo-saxon holiday of Thanksgiving and Halloween, beside that i will write about the jewish traditions, then the Chinese and Korean ones.

So at first let’s look around in the anglo-saxon world. At the beginning of this blog post i like to describe the American and Celtic traditions, regarding autumn.

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